10 Best Foreign TV Shows

I know I usually only write about Irish things here but I wanted to do a post about the best foreign TV shows. Last year we gave up our cable subscription,  it was outrageously expensive and now just pay for internet. I do subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Acorn TV. This is all I watch now. I hardly ever watch any American TV, I would say I am a bit obsessed with anything foreign. I have seen some amazing TV shows that I have really enjoyed so I decided to make this list. This is as of right now as I watch more I will update the list. Hope you enjoy them!

The Missing

Tony and Emily Hughes’ life changes forever when their five-year-old son, Oliver, mysteriously disappears during a family holiday in France, triggering an obsessive, years-long manhunt.

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30 Degrees in February

This 10-part,  drama follows the stories of a few Swedes who leave the cold and snow of the Swedish winter behind, and head for the warmth of Thailand. Each person has their own story and reason for leaving  and you are drawn into their lives from the beginning.

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Happy Valley

Sarah Lancashire is a  a hard-working, earthy police sergeant in Yorkshire.  Catherine’s work and personal life are already complicated in crime-riddled Happy Valley when Tommy Lee Royce wanders into town, freshly released from prison. Was he responsible for Catherine’s daughter’s death, as she believes? And will her suspicion cloud her judgment when another young girl goes missing?

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 Two detectives – the strong yet compassionate Detective Sergeant, Ellie Miller, and the by-the-book Detective Inspector, Alec Hardy – are brought together to solve the murder of an eleven year-old boy on a picturesque beach in a small coastal town. Under the glare of the media spotlight, the two race to find the killer, while the clock ticks and the mystery deepens.

2 seasons are available on Netflix


John River is a brilliant detective whose fractured mind has a  tendency to communicate with the dead more than he communicates with the living. He is a man haunted by the murder victims whose cases he must lay to rest.

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Top of the Lake

When pregnant 12 year old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand Lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for her and her investigation is in the beautiful but haunting rural New Zealand.

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The Returned

Several people come back to their home town in the same week after they have been dead for years in this eerie dramatic series set in France.

2 seasons available on Netflix


Meet roommates Yifat and Hodaya, and their friends Reut, Nati and Amir — five modern-Orthodox singles looking for love in Jerusalem as they approach the big 3-0. Captivating and alive with characters and story, this episode is what starts off the entire series.

3 seasons available on Amazon


French detective Sandra Winckler follows a bizarre clue to begin unraveling a ghastly crime perpetrated in a model home.

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The Great British Baking Show

This may seem like an odd choice for this list but I really loved watching this. A talented batch of amateur bakers face off in a ten week challenge hoping to be named the best in the U.K. This is not like American cooking reality shows, no one is mean or full of themselves and they help each other. This show made me want to bake a Victoria Sponge.

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