Ireland is Calling…The Gathering 2013

New Year's Eve in Dublin

New Year’s Eve in Dublin

Never been to Ireland? Well maybe this is the year for you to be there. . . Throughout 2013, Ireland will be welcoming people from all over the world in an event called The Gathering. Over 70 million people worldwide are said to be of Irish ancestry so Ireland thought why not invite them all home? The Gathering kicked off on New Year’s Eve in Dublin, a city that sure knows how to throw a party. If you were not in Dublin on New Year’s Eve do not worry this event will continue all year and all over Ireland villages will be having all sorts of parties. If the village has a pub you can be sure there will be a party.100_5453 - Copy

There will be all types of gatherings planned in 2013, festivals, concerts sporting events, last name gatherings and even a red head gathering.  There is even a  gathering from County Clare calling for all of those with the name Clare! There is something for everyone and I can assure you will fall in love with this emerald paradise.


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