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Waking Ned Devine – A winning lottery ticket transforms the lives of the inhabitants of a rural Irish village. My Favorite!

Kings – London has been a promised land for centuries for people across the globe, including its Irish neighbors. Thirty years after emigrating from Ireland to London in search of a better life, five men are reunited when a mutual friend is lost in tragic circumstances. This film is in Irish with English subtitles.

The O’Briens – Two years after the death of his wife, an Irish Father summons home his two Sons & Daughter, causing all to fear the worst, but he is not the only one with a secret…

Noble – The extraordinary true story of the fearless and feisty Irish heroine, Christina Noble, who overcomes the harsh difficulties of her childhood in the slums of Ireland to realize her destiny on the streets of Vietnam.

Obama: The Road to Moneygall –     Before Barack Obama was elected President, the people of an Irish village became his biggest fans. Plumber Henry Healy claimed a blood tie to the Senator from Chicago, and joked that one day Cousin O’bama would visit Moneygall. 3 years later it happened.

Songs for Amy – Songs for Amy is a feel good love story set in the west of Ireland and New York, with large measures of Irish humor. After a disastrously debauched stag night, a struggling musician tries to redeem himself in the eyes of bride-to-be Amy. With his relationship hanging in the balance, he plans to win her back by writing the perfect album of songs, with a helping hand from his misfit band mates.

Sensation – A naïve young Irish man starts a relationship with a sexy call girl, and together they hatch a plan to open a brothel using the proceeds from the farm he recently inherited.

Jig – Following nine 11-21 year-olds as they compete for the world title in the annual Irish Dancing Championships, “Jig” documents 365 days in the lives of the young dancers and their families as they aim for the top spot on the winners’ podium.

The General – The incredible story of Martin Cahill, the Irish gangster that for twenty years captured the imagination of the public while eluding capture by the police.

The Last September – In 1920s Ireland, an elderly couple reside over a tired country estate. Living with them are their niece, nephew, and married houseguests. All of the principals are thrown into turmoil when one more guest arrives with considerable wit and unwanted advice.