Dingle – A Must See Destination in Ireland

Dingle – A Must See Destination in Ireland

Dingle 1

Dingle is a must see destination in Ireland.  The Dingle Peninsula is located in County Kerry and is the westernmost tip of Ireland and in all of Europe. Much of the Dingle Peninsula is  Gaeltacht , a region in Ireland where the Irish language is widely spoken. The scenery is breathtaking, sheep filled green meadows with rugged spectacular coastlines that go on for miles.  Driving however is another story. . .


I had not given much thought to driving Ireland, I figured it would be fine and  take a little getting used to but no big deal. Well… the first 5 minutes in the car I was already panicking. It was  so strange to me turning and remembering to stay on the left side. My mom was a nervous wreck and quickly she got sent to the back seat.  My son , who became the best copilot,  came to the front. Once we got on the highway I calmed down and began to think I could do this. Dingle  is filled with colorful shops and  restaurants. There are plenty of pubs, even one where you can do some hardware shopping, get your bike fixed and have a pint.


We rented a pre-famine  cottage about 3 miles from Dingle town. The cottage was located on Slea Head Drive, which is one of the most scenic drives in Ireland but also the scariest place I have ever driven. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the whole driving on the left side thing we arrive at Slea Head Drive. Let me tell you the road is extremely narrow and there is nothing but coastline. There are no barriers to keep you from driving off the cliffs into the ocean and to make things even better there are huge tourist buses coming straight at you with whom you need  to share the road. I was sure we would die, I even began to cry a little and I think my family was legitimately scared not only about falling off a cliff but I think they thought I had finally lost it too.


The drive though was worth it. Once we  arrived at our cottage and  I had a strong drink to calm my nerves the reality set in. The area was gorgeous, amazingly beautiful, I could not have been happier. The sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, the  sounds of the sheep,  cows and horses made all of the grey hairs I probably have from that drive worth it. Did I mention the sheep? They are everywhere, even on the roof of the cottage,  just watching them and hearing them  bleat makes me so glad we stayed away from the main part of town and were able to experience this. The cottage is very cozy and has a wonderful fireplace for burning peat logs which smell incredible.

Dingle Cottage

Dingle Failte Door

The week we spent here was wonderful,  we saw so many wonderful places which I will write about in another post. I definitely recommend going to Dingle if you are visiting Ireland. The scenery, sounds and people will remain with you forever.

Dingle Horse