On the Lig

My son Alex  and I recently had the opportunity to be extras in the filming of a new Irish comedy called “On the Lig” . If you are unfamiliar with the term “On the Lig” (don’t worry, I was too), this term roughly means getting something for free or very cheap. This series is about struggling Irish artists living in New York who have big dreams but not big amounts of cash and how they survive in this big city. This series is directed and produced by Emmy award winners,  Niall McKay and  Marissa Aroy.

We had a wonderful time being “extras”, it was something we had never done and the people could not have been nicer.  Our role was to act as guests at a fundraising event during the shoot and the actors portrayed their parts hilariously.  We had many laughs throughout the day and met some wonderful new people. It was interesting to see all the work involved in taping just one episode of a series. This series is still in the making and I ask that all of you keep an eye out for this great comedy. Please see the links below to find out more information. A kickstart program will be beginning shortly so please consider helping out a comedy that features the Irish, something we do not have right now in the states and I am sure we would all love to watch.


Short preview trailer:
Longer “look” trailer:








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  1. Great to read (and now know about) your blog! Thank you and your son, Alex for getting the word out to our clan! Hope to see you again soon.

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