Champ 2

Champ Recipe


  • 6-8 Medium potatoes, peeled and quartered
  • 8-10 Scallions
  • Cup of milk, may need more depends on your liking
  • Stick of butter
  • Salt to taste

Champ 3


1. Wash and peel the potatoes and boil in a large pot until fully cooked, make sure to drain the potatoes once fully cooked.

2. Add half a stick of butter and a some milk to the pot and proceed to mash the potatoes until smooth using a hand masher. You can add more or less butter and milk until you reach  the smoothness   you prefer for your mashed potatoes. Add salt to taste.

3. Chop the scallions and fold  into your mashed potatoes.

4. Serve the mashed potatoes onto warm plates or bowls. Now this is the most important part, shape the servings into a volcano and make a small well in the middle.  Add a generous pat of butter  into the well of each serving.

5. Enjoy!

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