Céad Mile Fáilte. . . One Thousand Welcomes


Couminole Strand, Dingle Peninsula 

I have been wanting to do a blog for some time now. I knew I wanted to do something that focused on Ireland but also wanted to bring Ireland here to all of you. I love to travel but I must say my favorite place in the world is Ireland. I fell in love with this country the first time I was there and the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people have kept me coming back. I am never ready to leave Ireland and this is how I decided I needed to bring some Irish culture to my life here in the states. My goal with this blog is to bring a bit of Ireland to all of you. I am hoping to keep you updated with events happening throughout New Jersey and New York so you too can also fall in love with Ireland even if it is from afar. I also hope to include recipes, stories, customs and my favorite places in Ireland. Hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to Céad Mile Fáilte. . . One Thousand Welcomes

  1. Suzanne says:

    I just came across your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. I moved here with my young family from Ireland a year and ahalf ago….and have no idea of Irish events etc. thanks and just to say fifteens are a must in our home

    • Katie says:

      Hello Suzanne, thank you for writing. I will update the calendar in the next few days so please check back for new events!

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